Religious Services

Daily Religious Services

  • 07 : 00 AM Daily Morning Buddha puja at the Dhatumandiraya (The house of sacred relics)
  • 07 : 00 AM Daily evening Buddha puja and pirit (chantings for protection and blessing) at the Dhatumandiraya.

Kapruk pujava offering of robes encircling great pagoda (180 feet), a historic officering at the Kelaniya temple, is conducted occasionally at the wish of the devotees.

Devapuja (offering to gods) at Devalaya (house of gods) at the old chamber of the main shrine room, Vibihsana devapuja at Vibhishana Devalaya and Navagraha devapaja at Navagraha Deva laya are open for offerings and worship from morning to late evening.

  Monthly Religious Services

A special schedule of full moon day vandana and puja is conducted with the participation of resident monks and specially invited priests regularly.

Annual Religious Services

In the annual sermon (dharmade sana) program from the full moon of October to the full moon of December well known preachers in Sri Lanka hold a series of sixty sermons. This special program is well known in Sri Lanka as Kelani Durutu Dharmadesana. Following this, the four day long pirit chanting (satvaruve paritrana dharmadesanava) is held prior to the commencement of traditional DurutuPerahera. The ceremonial closing of the chanting is marked with the traditional Doraka asna and Anusasanava .